7 Things to do in Nashville 2022

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Whether you’ve been to Nashville several times or this is your first visit, there are many stops you want to make while in town. Even seasoned tourists might have missed some of the city’s best spots, and if you haven’t- why not experience them again since they are so fantastic? This list will help you navigate the best things to do in the city and assist in organizing a fantastic itinerary that includes famous places, must-tries, and locals that make Nashville a truly unique destination.

Grab those cowboy boots and get ready to experience the South like never before!

1.  Broadway

First up is the number one destination in the city: Broadway. Nashville was built by country singing legends, but it stays on top thanks to its amazing acts every day in this part of town. Many of the bars boast live music throughout the week, and many of them have multiple floors that host a different band on each level. You can bar hop and hear different music in each spot or climb a set of stairs and get a whole new musical experience just one floor up! Don’t miss Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, Layla’s, The Stage on Broadway, and Legend’s Corner while exploring the “Honky Tonk Highway,” also known as lower Broadway.

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2.  Grab A Bite At Loveless Cafe

Thanks to the delicious food it serves up to patrons, this popular eatery continues to gain notoriety with visitors. It is a little bit of an excursion from the city’s main drag, about 20 minutes, but it is worth the adventure.

3. Check Out The Country Music Hall Of Fame

If you’re going to visit Nashville, you better stop by the Country Music Hall of Fame. Not only will you learn about legends of the genre, but it will open your eyes to how influential Country music is and has been in all other genres, too.

4. Get A Taste Of Athens Without Leaving The Country

Did you know that Nashville’s nickname is the Athens of the South- which inspired the construction of a replica of the Parthenon when Tennessee celebrated 100 years in the Union? The building is a to-scale model of the original structure, which can be found in Greece, and even features a statue of Athena inside. While it may seem a strange thing to do while in the South, it is definitely worth the trip, and you don’t even need your passport.

5. Stop In At A Listening Room

One of the things that makes Nashville truly special is the songwriters. While big acts are known for being discovered in Nashville, the people who create the lyrics have made the town what it is. Spots like the Bluebird Cafe and the Listening Room Cafe let you watch these songwriters perform their music acoustically and open mic style. It is not only epic, but you might hear your next favorite song or artist.

6. Ryman Auditorium

This spot is among the most well-known when it comes to famous buildings. This auditorium used to be where the Grand Ole Oprey was held, and now renowned acts and up-and-coming artists all strive to perform on this stage. The acoustics are unbelievable, and you can even take a tour of the backstage area if you arrive early enough.

7. Downtown Sporting Club, Followed by A Distillery Tour

Tied for number seven are these two spots, which will fill your free hours with fun. The Downtown Sporting Club offers a variety of engaging activities, including ax throwing, a rooftop “play section,” and delicious boozy concoctions perfect for watching a sporting event or just hanging out. It is also worth checking out a distillery tour while in town, considering Tennessee is whiskey country. Check out the Jack Daniel’s Distillery or try something a little out of the ordinary at the Donut Distillery, where they serve whiskey doughnuts.

Nashville is an incredible destination, and with this itinerary, you’re sure to see all the things that make it so unique. So what are you waiting for?

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